Styling Advisor

Salary: Thỏa thuận

Location: Văn phòng Hồ Chí Minh

Team: Marketing

Application deadline: 24/11 — 24/12/2022

Job Description


  • Position: Styling Advisor
  • Direct report: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Office: Seedcom Fashion Group Office, 313 Nguyen Thi Thap St., Tan Phu ward., Dist. 7, HCMC
  • Working time: Mon – Fri, official time.



1. Stylist

- Identify & evaluate the client's current style; Understand customer needs through information about purpose, color, style, body parameters, etc. to make appropriate improvement advice;

- Suggest style and changes if any;

- Coordinate and recommend outfits (accessories) that match trends, personal style and brand image;

- Coordinate with other departments in planning and implementing stages in taking photos of the new collection such as: implementation time, ideas for BS, model selection, location, costumes, etc.


2. Staff training

- Coordinate with the department in recruiting and ensuring the team members are qualified to operate and provide services to customers;

- Plan and coordinate the implementation of guidance and training on fashion trends, working processes, communication with customers, etc. in order to improve service quality and bring consistent experience to customers.


3. Other

- Proposing solutions and plans to improve processes and working methods for SA team;

- Monitor fashion channels, coordinate in conducting research/surveys on customer behavior to regularly update the latest fashion trends and seasonal colors;

- Consult other experts when required.


- Bachelor's degree in Fashion, Design…

- +1 year of experience as a stylist/designer for fashion brands or newspapers and magazines;

- Capturing & understanding fashion styles and trends in Vietnam and the world market;

- Have aesthetic taste, have knowledge about color coordination, fabric materials.

- Good communication & time management skills, confidence, meticulousness;

- Management skills, teamwork;

- High sense of responsibility;

- Dynamic, enthusiastic, not afraid to learn.


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