Marketing Specialist - Online Planning

Salary: Thỏa thuận

Location: Văn phòng Hồ Chí Minh

Team: Marketing

Application deadline: 02/11 — 30/11/2020

Job Description

- Assist Marketing Director in transforming Online growth ambition into action plan with revenue planning, competition analysis, and overall activities for group brands (Juno + Hnoss).
- Execute and tracking Online performance to be aligned with KPIs across brand platform: website and marketplace.
- Identify and acquire new Online customers. Maintaining current customers base and optimizing O2O experience. 
- Successfully download consistent brand images across Online platform.
- Coordinate with other department to deploy plan such as Ecommerce, Design, Merchandise, Web operation, Digital.
- Monthly tracking Online performance .

- Experienced in Ecommerce/ Marketplace activities 
- Knowledge & experience about Digital Performance 
- Solid experience in Brand communication, ads performance, customer journey and the tools to measure engagement in each step of the funnel
- Accountability & problem solving ability
- Strong in data analytics
- 1- 2 years of experience in relevant position
- Degree: university in Marketing, Economics

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